REBOWL x Delivery Services

Here you'll find all information concerning our integration with delivery services like Lieferando or Uber Eats and what you need to do to participate as a REBOWL partner.

Download the RECUP Partner App here:


Here is how easy it is:

Also check the video at the bottom of this page!

01 - Customer order-1

1. Receive order
You'll receive orders as per usual, please always check the comment field, if it contains a token the customer wants to receive the order in REBOWLs.

02 - Partner order receipt-1

2. Check comment field for token
Customer adds their RECUP delivery token in the comment field of their order.
An example token is:  R-VIC-REG

03 - Partner code input

3. Enter token in RECUP Partner App
Enter the 6-digit token from the comment field in the RECUP Partner App. You only need 1 token per order.

04 - Partner scan

4. Scan Bowls
Scan the QR codes on the lids of all REBOWLs you need for the order with the RECUP Partner App and then fill the food into the bowls.

05 - Delivery 2

5. Delivery
Your customers receive their order in REBOWLs and can return them at any participating REBOWL partner in Germany.

06 - Deposit settlement

6. Deposit
You'll receive a monthly credit note & transfer of the outstanding deposit of each month from us.  

Questions & Answers

Do I need to pay an additional fee to use REBOWLs via delivery services/the digital deposit?

No, the digital deposit is completely free of charge for you!
On the contrary: we take over the transaction fees for the deposit payments, which means you even save money.

What's the benefit for me to use the digital deposit?

The digital deposit enables you to accept online/ delivery orders in reusable packaging and to declare war on disposable packaging. 

You reach a whole new group of customers and position yourself as a sustainably oriented company and do something good at the same time.

What do I need to use the digital deposit?

That´s simple: the RECUP Partner App, one delivery token per order and trained staff who know the process.

Please train all your staff who deal with delivery orders! We try to make the process as simple and intuitive as possible and provide you with all the training material you need. If you need further material, please contact us.

Where do I get the delivery token from?

You receive the delivery token from your customers. They simply enter it in the comments field of their delivery order. You can see the delivery token on your order overview or the delivery receipt under "Notes/ Comments".

A delivery token looks like this, for example: R-TUK-RAW.

If one of the dishes in the order contains the add-on/extra "REBOWL", but no delivery token has been entered, the customer has probably forgotten this. If you have time, you can ask for it from the customer over the phone. If not, please do not use REBOWLs for this order (because you cannot scan them without a token).

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What do I do when an order has no delivery token?

If the item/extra "REBOWL" is included in the order of one of the dishes, but no delivery token is given, the customer has probably forgotten this. If you have time, you can ask the customer by phone. If not, please do not use REBOWLs for this order (because you cannot scan them without a token and won´t receive the deposit from us for those REBOWLs).

How many REBOWLs can I use per delivery oder?

This is completely up to you - you decide how many REBOWLs you need for each dish. We then charge all the REBOWLs you scan in via the customer's delivery token and receive the according deposit from them.

Can I also send REBOWLs without scanning them?

No! Only for the REBOWLs that you scan with the RECUP Partner App will the customer be charged the deposit.

Therefore, please make sure that you and your employees always scan all bowls that are packed for an order, otherwise we will not be able to pay you the corresponding deposit amount in the following month. REBOWLs that you hand out without scanning will be given out for free by you.

Can I remove REBOWLs from an order when I scanned them by accident?

Yes, you can remove a REBOWL at any time.

To do this, open the order, tap on "Add / delete product" and scan the bowl in question again. This will remove it from the order.

When and how do I receive the deposit?

You will receive the deposit at the beginning of the following month in the form of a bank transfer from us, RECUP. You don't have to do anything else, we'll take care of everything for you!

How do I take REBOWLs back?

It is not yet possible to take back REBOWLs digitally via the RECUP app.

Returning a REBOWL simply works in our regular deposit system by cash - i.e. you receive the REBOWLs from the customer and the customer receives the deposit amount in cash from you (5€/REBOWL).

Can I install the RECUP Partner App on several devices?

Yes, you can install the app on as many devices as you like. But please make sure that only people who know how it works have access to it and know the log in details.

Can I use a single user account for different restaurants?

No, you need your own user account for each restaurant, i.e. your own mobile phone or tablet. Only then will you receive your own monthly deposit statement for each restaurant.

A customer asks when the negative deposit in their RECUP app will be settled.

The return of REBOWLs is currently not yet possible digitally via the RECUP (customer) app. Customers must therefore still receive their deposit back in cash when returning the REBOWLs. The negative balance will be cleared 14 days after lending the REBOWLs via a delivery (by using a delivery token from the RECUP app). The deposit is therefore deducted from their deposited payment method and is in the customer's wallet in cash. whenever they return the REBOWLs.

We decided to grant the customers 14 days in order to give them enough time to return the REBOWLs before paying the deposit in the first place.

Where do I find more information?

For more information, visit https://info.recup.de/anleitung-partner-app  or contact our Customer Happiness Team at kontakt@recup.de.

Here is how you register:

a - Partner app download

1. Download RECUP Partner App
Download the RECUP Partner App on the device (phone or tablet) that you want to use to scan the REBOWLs. You can also log in on more than 1 device at the time.

b - Password reset

2. Create your password
Create a new password (via "reset password") so you can always log in from any device.

c - Get to know app

3. Check out the app
Familiarize yourself with the RECUP Partner App and make sure that at least one device in the restaurant is logged in and ready to scan.

d - train personnel

4. Train your team
Show your team how the process of delivery orders in REBOWLs work and how they use the RECUP Partner App correctly.

The digital deposit system

For delivery orders in REBOWLs we use our digital deposit system. This means that the customers don´t pay the deposit to you directly, but via the RECUP App to us.

You, the REBOWL partner, receive the outstanding deposit on a monthly basis from us, RECUP.


For free
There is no hidden extra fees for you when using the digital deposit.


Hygienic & digital - Corona-safe, without any cash.

recup_icons_Systemkosten copy 2 Kopie 2

Safe & risk-free
We make sure to receive the deposit from the customer and transfer it to you.


Easy to be integrated in your daily business. The RECUP Partner App can be used very intuitively.

RECUP Partner App